Marketing Strategy & Communications

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Marketing Stories & Communications

We know that every organisation has a unique set of business goals, operates in a highly competitive marketplace and therefore each solution is bespoke for the client to meet their vision in a creative and practical way. We offer a portfolio of marketing communications offerings including strategy, stakeholder engagement, media relations and focused events. Part of our kitbag is the use of modern archetypes to add flavour and depth to the messaging and stories of both the organisation and the leader. We’re dedicated to partnering with you to achieve your vision and goals, within an agreed timeframe and at the right price. The dynamic bridge between your strategy and your customers and stakeholders underpins the work we do with you.

Innovative, practical and cost-effective marketing solutions are the hallmark of what we deliver. We work in close partnership with our clients to create a powerhouse marketing plan with clear, achievable and measurable goals. CotW works with a core team of independent specialists in their marketing-related areas including content creation, design, digital marketing and media relations to bring the best talent for the job – to achieve an exceptional result.